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A go-to source for new ideas, step-by-step information and tips for everything from recipes and entertaining, home improvement to personal improvement, fashion and beauty, gardening and healthy living.

Howdini features hundreds of how-to videos, recipes and shopping lists across our channels, including Celebrations, Living, Food, Style, Family, Health and Tech.

Who is Howdini?
Howdini is not one person but a host of experts. Our content is delivered by highly regarded experts, authors, chefs, creative bakers, cooking enthusiasts, fitness gurus, top health professionals, nutritionists, green and organic living devotees, parents, personal development and communications consultants, geeks, pro photographers, home designers, DIY-ers, artists and crafters. These are the trusted folks you turn to when you ask, "How do I do that?" or "What should I know?".

Howdini is extended across multiple languages in addition to English, including: Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French and German.

Editorial Policy and Disclosures
The information published by Howdini.com is produced independently by Howdini or its partners following review by Howdini editorial staff. Content is written, edited or reviewed by leading experts and editors to ensure that accurate information is published.

Howdini follows accepted journalistic quality standards and principles in source selection and fact verification, and follows ASME Guidelines for Editors and Publishers, including its Best Practices for Digital Media and native advertising guidelines.

Howdini is proud to partner with some of the leading names in publishing and up and coming talent in content creation. Howdini content is distributed on Howdini.com, as well as Howdini's highly successful YouTube channel HowdiniGuru, and across the web on top publishing partners like AOL/5Min, Yahoo!, MSN, and Amazon, to name a few. Howdini's original video series, "Howdini Hacks" has seen viral growth since its creation in mid-2014.

Find more about our experts/authors see Howdini Expert pages and about Partners on their individual pages.

Branded and non-branded content
Howdini works with top brands, experts in their fields, to create branded editorial videos focused on how-to information. In each video, the brand is clearly identified either in the voice over sound track, in graphics or end slate, or more than once. Howdini oversees sponsored video production and is careful to make sure editorial information follows fact-checking guidelines. Some spokespeople may be employees of the brand or compensated for their work in producing the video. Their opinions are their own or that of the brand and not necessarily of Howdini.

Other content providers include unpaid content from established publishers, owned by non-publishing companies. Women and Co., a service of Citibank, provides articles and information via its content marketing program to Howdini free of charge. In some cases, Citibank’s financial how-to content may link to a product site. That is made obvious in the copy and is fully transparent.

The Howdini editorial team promotes all Howdini content through the lens of valued information. Some branded content is promoted as part of a branded campaign. At the end of a campaign, once-branded editorial video may remain part of the Howdini library and available to the public for information only.

In addition, Howdini is proud to partner with some of the leading names in digital video and publishing who create original video. These partners are experts–either chefs, diy, gardening and green living specialists, sports figures and personal communications and career experts.Their videos are hand-curated by Howdini and co-branded. They receive a revenue share of advertising.

Health and wellness
Howdini publishes third-party health content from several sources among them Healthy Women (.org), DailyRx and EmpowHer. All of this has been vetted by health experts at the source and is never changed by Howdini staff. We endeavor to make sure all health-related content is up-to-date and correct.
Howdini provides health and wellness information, not medical advice. It is our goal to help users understand more about their health and wellness and to provide them with the best information, which may be appropriate to discuss with a medical professional.

A person’s health changes over time—which means their doctors and health care teams are the only ones who can provide them with specific advice about health decisions. Howdini health content will never be a substitute for your personal health care provider. Please talk with a qualified medical practitioner before acting on any information found on the Internet.

Editorial Independence
Howdini editorial staff is not directly compensated by brand campaigns or advertisers. We do not accept gifts of products that may be reviewed by editors. If a product is used in a review it may or may not be returned but will never be considered compensation for the review or inclusion in editorial content.

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