How to tone your butt


Phoenix Mercury strength & training coach Ben Hadley recalls three fabulous butt toning exercises for women.

Transcript Ben Hadley: I am going to give you three exercises that you can utilize to tone your butt. The first exercise we are going to do is a squat. We are going to do it with the dumb bells. Candice is going to hold these dumb bells at her side, keeping her back straight and her head up. She is going to bend deep at the knees to about a 90- degree angle and right back up. Again, she is keeping the back straight, head and chest high. The next exercise that we are going to demonstrate is a glut kick back and what Candice is going to do is get down on all fours with a neutral spine and one leg at a time she is going to kick back into the rear. And the final exercise is going to be a hip thrust. So what Candice is going to do is she is going to lie on the ground, her legs bent about a 90 or slightly more acute and she is just going to thrust the hips straight up until she has leg and torso alignment and then hold that for several seconds, bring it back down, and repeat for several repetitions. These are the three exercises that you can use to tone your butt. You can do two or three sets and you are working to fatigue.
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