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Are you in the market for a new HDTV that will seamlessly stream movies from the Internet? Before you go shopping, check out these expert tips from tech journalist, Anthony Carboni, so you know exactly what features to look for!

Transcript Hi, I'm Anthony Carboni, and today, we're going to learn about what features to look for in an HDTV if streaming content from the web is your favorite pastime or primary motivator. That's right. No more huddling around a laptop on the couch. The first feature to look for is an HDTV with made-for-TV apps, like this one here. There are tons of available apps to stream movies from, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video, just to name a few. Whether you're into the old classics or the latest releases, you will have no shortage of movies to watch. You can also enjoy listening to music through your TV apps, with services like Slacker Radio and Pandora. And before you know it, you'll be streaming your favorite music through your TV speakers or your home theater surround sound system. This TV also automatically updates as new apps become available, so you have an ever expanding library to choose from. In addition to movie and music apps, you can also check out Facebook and Twitter, and maybe even make Skype video calls to your family or friends to tell them all about the latest movies you've streamed, or other life stuff, I guess. Imagine Skyping into a family gathering thousands of miles away and seeing the entire family on the big screen. No more crouching over a computer to chat with just one or two people on a small screen. Second most important feature is Wi-Fi connectivity. In order to stream web content on your HDTV, you're going to need to connect your TV to the internet via a broadband or a Wi-Fi connection. This TV comes equipped with built in Wi-Fi, so you can easily connect to your home network without any added cable clutter. Plus, it gives you some flexibility in where you set your TV up. For a movie theater setting, just try placing your TV in the darkest area of the room. Now that we've covered the basic features needed for streaming movies from the internet, let's talk about some key features that will enhance your online video viewing experience. One issue you'll find with online video is that they're compressed. That means the files are shrunken down so they can stream over the web. And when you compress a video, you lose picture quality. The resolution is less, meaning fewer pixels, and fewer pixels means less color, contrast, and rich darks. So the images can look jagged. The motion is blurred and the colors are flat. It's a less than ideal viewing experience. To help compensate for the lower quality web videos, you'll want an HDTV with a great picture engine that actually improves the quality of web videos. The picture engine analyzes each scene pixel by pixel to improve low-res web content, and it provides enhanced contrast, picture brightness, and clarity in everything you watch. If you're a movie buff, having a screen that displays incredible detail in light and dark scenes is imperative. In addition to a great picture engine, you might also want to consider an LED LCD screen with local dimming. Local dimming provides precise control of the picture's bright and dark levels by adjusting each area of the screen separately. You'll never want to leave the comfort of your couch to watch a movie again. In addition to streaming movies through TV apps, many HDTVs is also have the ability to stream content from other devices. Multiple device connections is the fourth feature to look for in an HDTV. So this feature allows you to experience your personal photos and videos on the big screen by connecting your smartphone or tablet device to your HDTV via your Wi-Fi connection. You can then throw your photos, videos, and music files to your HDTV to enjoy on a grand scale. And with the ability to stream movies and entertainment from the web and access your own personal movies, you'll never run out of things to watch. Speaking of which, I have got some movies to watch, and you've got some HDTVs to check out, so let's recap what to look for in an HDTV for streaming movies-- you want made-for-TV internet apps, built-in Wi-Fi, web video enhancing picture engine, LED LCD with local dimming, and multiple device connections. On behalf of Sony, I'm Anthony Carboni with Howdini. For more tips, check out
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