Why is fiber important for a woman?


Fiber is important for everyone's digestive health. But does it play a particular role for women? Dr. Daemon Jones shares why fiber is an important part of a woman's diet.

Transcript Fiber is extremely important. So, fiber is anything that is made from a plant. So, whether its fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and beans, nuts and seeds--all of these things have fiber in them, and fiber is really important because it acts like a broom for our digestive system to get rid of our wastes. And the reason why that’s important for our balance of our hormones is that once we have used our hormones, we actually then put them into our digestive tracts so we can get rid of them. And if we are not moving our bowels every day, we can actually reabsorb our hormones that we have already put into our digestive system to be eliminated. When we do that, we throw off the balance of our hormones, our estrogens and progesterones, which have to be in particular ratios during our entire cycle to have a normal balance. So, if we are not eliminating appropriately, than that throws off that balance and that can throw off our menstrual cycle and create PMS symptoms for us anywhere between two weeks and through the time we actually start eliminating. So, that’s really important. Whole foods are also important and plant-based foods are also important in terms of what, maintaining an appropriate weight. When we are overweight, and actually this is true for women and men, too, but when we are overweight, our fat cells release estrogen. So then if we have our appropriate balance and we are carrying 20 extra pounds or 30 extra pounds or more, we are actually producing more estrogen, and again, that throws off the balance of our estrogen and progesterone during times of our cycle. And that will produce pain because we have that imbalance and so things are not operating appropriately or optimally.
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