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techBack to School with Cyber Security

Student using laptop
Back to school is around the corner and with it comes new clothes, new books, new classes, and new tech! So, send kids back with the protection they need when it comes to cyber security. From preventing identity theft to choosing antivirus software that fits their needs, with the right tools and practices, they can enjoy the Internet safely and securely on all of their new devices.

Of all of the uncomfortable talks you'll have with your kids, Internet safety doesn't have to be one of them. From research for projects, to keeping in touch with friends, the Internet provides amazing information and accessibility. The other side of this is a greater vulnerability to identity theft and other dangers. So teaching kids about taking precautions and outfitting devices with parental controls is more important than ever to minimize online threats.

We've put together a great playlist over at Howdini's YouTube channel that covers everything from best practices to what to do if your computer is impacted by a virus. Then, head over to for more great information and special offers from our friends at ESET!

Happy surfing!

healthMay is National Fitness Month!

Young woman running in front of young man
It’s no coincidence that May is National Health and Fitness month. After a long, cold winter, the weather has finally turned–making it the perfect time to get outside and get active! From more...

celebrationsCelebrate National Margarita Day!

National Margarita Day
The middle of winter may not be the most logical time to throw back a frozen cocktail, but push logic aside and warm up the blender because this Saturday is National Margarita Day! And, really, what better time than now to relive some summertime memories? more...

familyCelebrate "Love Your Pet Day!"

Young child with puppy
Mark your calendars. Feb. 20 is “Love Your Pet Day,” and while we know you love ‘em all year round, take advantage of the holiday to treat them extra special! And remember, when it comes to our fine furry friends, it’s the little things that count! more...

techDon't get hacked! Identity theft and how to protect yourself online

Online shopping on credit
It was a shocking start to the beginning of 2014 to find that one of the nation’s biggest retailers, during the Christmas shopping season, had a serious widespread credit card security breach. The Target hack affected more than 110 million users, more than half the adults in America, setting them up for identity theft. That was followed by news that Yahoo! was hacked and gave up the email address of thousands of users. And now, security experts believe Target’s computer system was accessed by a phishing expedition. That’s right. Phishing. That’s when malicious hackers send an email asking for information or loaded with malware that once clicked on can breach a computer’s (or network’s) security and gain access to more...
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